Stay away from comparisons to have a happy life.

Are you always happy?

If not, have you ever tried to identify the cause of  your unhappiness. For me, I have identified comparison as the major cause of my unhappiness, comparison of myself with others based on power, financial standing, health and beauty.   The list is not exhaustive, but only indicative. 

Your position may not be different from mine.  


Every man is a unique creation with different strengths, weaknesses, talents, potentials and abilities. Comparing one person with another is a serious crime that we unknowingly commit.  As all are created with different talents and abilities, comparison between two persons is meaningless. In one way or other, one is superior as well as inferior to another. 
The beauty of a garden is in the variety of flowers and the beauty of a forest is in the variety of animals. A garden of roses with single color is less attractive compared to a garden with variety of flowers and colours. The world will be like a garden of single plant, if all human beings are created with similar looks, abilities and skills. 


You need not feel to be inferior to another for the reason that you are not capable to excel the other in certain parameters. Always remember that you too are excellent in certain aspects.  Requirement is the magnanimity to acknowledge the superior skills of the other person in certain fields and the attitude to encourage him to achieve excellence in his field. At the same time, you need to put in extra efforts to retain your edge in your fields.  Healthy competition, supportive nature and encouraging attitude will bring out the best in everybody and create a better world.  Attitude of comparison will create  hell. 

Always remember that comparison is the root cause of unhappiness in the world. Stay away from unnecessary comparisons that spoil peace and harmony. 

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