Hard work: The easiest way to success.

Success is never an accident. It is always the result of determination, proper planning and hard work.  Imagine that you come across a pot of gold coins buried in the ground and that whoever acquires the pot can enjoy the fortune forever.  How will you react? You surely will start digging before anybody else comes to know about the hidden fortune.  Success is like a hidden treasure. It is either   buried or hanging on the top most branch of a tall tree. In either case, we have to do hard work to acquire success. Remember, nobody has ever achieved anything without hard work.



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Hard work: The best habit of successful people.


We often come across the stories of successful men and women. None of them achieved success by waving  a magic wand.  They conquered the heights of success through hard work, labour and sacrifices. They worked hard day and night with passion, determination and dedication to materialize their dreams.  The gene for success is there in everybody. If a person is a failure, a proper analysis will prove the main reason for his failure to be his laziness to put in earnest effort.  


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Hard work or luck:  What determines success?


We often look at successful people and say that they are lucky. Whether luck is a factor?  Let us approach the person and enquire what the secret of his success is. The secret in all cases will definitely be as follows:


“I had an idea and a dream. I stuck to my dream. My strong desire to succeed made me create a plan, mobilize resources and put in hard work. It was never easy, but I knew I was going to succeed. I followed my dream, progressed step by step, build up my team, encouraged and motivated them, celebrated small successes, learnt lessons from failures. My dream, courage to follow the dream and willingness to put in hard work brought me here. “



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Success is all about vision, proper planning, team building and hard work. Luck is the final product that we receive when these ingredients are properly mixed.  Luck is nothing but the return a person receives for his perseverance and hard work.    


This is reflected in the words of Thomas Jefferson. “It seems the harder I work, the more luck I have.” Hard work in simple words is applying your ability with focus and intensity to make impossible things possible.  


Are there enemies to success?


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