Attitude is everything- Thought 4 Children

Sheena did not like doing her chores, her school work, or anything at all. Whenever mother asked her to wash the dishes, she would get grumpy and walk slowly to the kitchen sink, splash some water around and then place the dishes in the dish drainer. Mother would always check them afterwards, and found that they had to be washed again because they were still dirty. This would cause Sheena to feel even more terrible that she had to do them all over again.


Sometimes when Father was out in the yard sweeping, he would call Sheena and ask her to help him take up the leaves and put them in the garbage bag. Sheena would grumble and complain all the way, and she would hurriedly stuff the leaves in the bag. They would fall to the ground after, or the bag would pop, and then the leaves would all come falling out. She would then have to start all over again.




When Sheena had a test at school, she didn’t study at all. No matter how her parents would scold her and send her to study, telling her that she was too lazy, she would ignore them still. She would go to school and take the test, but most times she would fail. She would feel bad when her class mates would laugh at her for scoring so low. One day she cried all the way home, and when she got there her mother asked her about it. She told her that the other children kept teasing her because of her low grades. Mother asked her why she had gotten low grades and her voice got soft as she told her she had not studied well. Mother told her she would do much better if she changed her attitude about things. She told her that the easiest way to get things over with is to get them done, and done properly.


Sheena tried after that to do her chores and not feel too bad about it, but she struggled to keep it up. She really didn’t like doing chores, and some of the times she would still make a mess and not get them done properly. Mother saw that she was trying though, and she encouraged her to keep up the good work. It would take some time, but she was getting there.


Attitude is everything; you save your time and that of others by purposefully doing things well. A poor attitude will cause you to keep repeating the same things constantly.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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All the good you do will come back to you.

Don’t doubt others when they say good.

Majority in number does not always mean right.

Leadership is doing what is right even under pressure.

Forgiveness is greater than revenge


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