Realize own strengths and weaknesses to design destiny

Who or what decides your destiny? Normal answers are family backgrounds, circumstances and luck. Let us examine. 

Is there any human being who is perfect? No, otherwise the person becomes equivalent to the creator. 

Have you ever heard of anybody with a poor family and financial backgrounds emerged successful in life? There are many, in fact majority of those contributed significantly for betterment of society or progress in different walks of life faced lot of challenges in their early life. Now, you got the  answer for   the first question.  


The character or behavioral patterns of two persons are never the same. A person is a combination of strengths and weaknesses.  No human being can boast of perfection. Those persons emerge successful in life are aware of this fact. To become successful, they strengthen their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. 

The first step towards success is identifying own strengths and weakness. One should be happy about the positive qualities and should try to develop them further by acquiring more knowledge through education, continuous reading, skill improvement and hard work. Realization of the weaknesses and shortcomings will enable one to realize the hurdles on ones journey towards success. Here also, hard work needs to be depended to get rid of shortcomings or keep them under control.  If you are unable to get rid of them, tolerate and accept them, but take a conscious decision not to become a prey to the games being played by them once in a while. The strengths of a person alone are sufficient to make him succeed in life if we focus on the strengths, rather than always remaining critical about the  shortcomings or  backgrounds. We become what we focus on. Harness your strengths and talents already in possession and that will protect   you from failures and setbacks. 


Always remember that focusing on strengths will push you forward while focusing on weaknesses or circumstances will push you backward. Utilize the pushing power of strengths to move forward. You are the designer of your destiny.  Realize your talents and strengths and their power  to have a successful journey in  life. 



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