Life is a journey and planning is must for success.

Life is a long journey:


Life is a long journey with lot of twists and turns. Life is a series of small episodes. It is similar to a book with lot of chapters.  We cannot be the major character in all episodes or chapters. There is no magic recipe to get the best out of our life.   Times can be favorable or challenging. There will be periods of both success and failure. The ultimate success depends on how we leverage the lessons learned from each small success and failure. Stand alone success or failures should not be allowed to make or break us.  The ultimate success will be decided by the effectiveness of adjusting the sail according to the wind.


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You have realized from the previous article   that you are unique and you are a success. ‘Being you’, is the basic principle to succeed.  Consider that a runner in a marathon is leading from tenth kilometer. To emerge as the winner, he should not stop at this moment,  but should retain the edge till he completes the race. You may be a success in the short term, but need to maintain the lead till the end of life.


Destination in life is named ambition:


Each journey is associated with an identified destination. In life, we give another name for the destination and the name is ambition or aim. Becoming a scientist, businessman, social worker, professional or politician are all various kinds of ambitions. We are born with a purpose and the purpose is leading a good, happy and   peaceful life useful for other human beings and society. So our ambition should be based on the foundation of becoming a good human being. A good person is respected everywhere. A person with a bad character, however successful, is never respected.


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 We should plan for success in life:


Consider that we have identified our destination for a journey.  We then start collecting  details such as  the route, lodging facilities, climate, availability of food etc. In short, we plan the trip. If the trip is a short one and the destination is known, these aspects happen unconsciously. But if the journey is to a distant place, we become more focused and invest more time.


Similar is the case with the life journey also. We have an ultimate ambition. This ambition can be reached by covering different points on the route. Each point in this cycle is a life stage. The ultimate aim can be achieved by covering different life stages. As in the case of a long distance  journey, it is necessary to have an idea about our long term ambition and the different short term stages to be covered to attain our ultimate aim. This can  be achieved through proper planning.


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Consider that your desire is to be a successful scientist. In this case your long term ambition is becoming an established scientist. Do not forget the other side of the coin, being a nice person. To be a scientist, we have to go through different stages like  aquiring basic education and  higher education, identifying the  desired field and  the institutions  for  education and  research and so on. These all comes under planning.


So planning is must for success in life too.


More  about planning in  next article. 

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Love and appreciate your own company.

Disobedience often leads to dishonesty.

Things you discard may be valuable for another.

Trust God, even in the darkest hour.

Follow the instincts and make right decisions.


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