Are you a success? Or do you want to be another person?

You are you.  You are a success.  Don’t try to become another person.


Are you a success? If you are a success, why do you dream of becoming another  Messi, Sachin Tendulkar, Justine Bieber  or Shakira.  They  have won fame by excelling in their  respective fields.  Hence, we want to be their substitutes.


I am YesJay.  Have you ever thought of becoming YesJay ?


No. Why? Because you have never heard about me, YesJay .


YesJay  is not famous. He does not endorse any brand. He does not appear in TV shows or on the cover pages of magazines.    


success 15


The world population has crossed seven billion. We might be able to recollect the names of 10,000 eminent persons in politics, sports, film, music, art and literature etc.  Does that mean the remaining   seven billion people are failures?  Never.


Definition of success.


Success is defined as the   attainment of fame, wealth, or social status.  It is also defined as accomplishment of an aim or purpose. So it is possible to be successful without fame, wealth or social status. Success is having an aim or purpose in life and striving hard to achieve the accomplishment.


Try to be a success in your field.


A hare is a good runner, can swim too, but is not a good swimmer. A tortoise is slow, but can swim.   A hare is created to be a runner and tortoise is created to be swimmer and they are successful in their respective fields. So are human beings.  


success 18


YesJay is YesJay, he cannot be another Messi.  

Messi  can never be another YesJay too.

Be proud of what you are. 


When somebody compares you with somebody else and tries to mark you as a failure, never fail to retort: God has created me to be unique and I am unique, my life has a purpose and I am pursuing it.  I am a success in my own way.


success 17


What are the factors that influence success?

Wait till next article.

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Love and appreciate your own company.

Disobedience often leads to dishonesty.

You are wholesome;accept yourself.

A kind heart is loved by all.

Release the champion inside and claim victory.




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