Dream: The compass in real life.

A ship in the sea losses its direction if it does not possess a compass. It is sure to lose the direction and wander in the vast sea without reaching the destination. Similar is the life. Life too is a journey. All successful persons carry a compass in life too, a compass capable of indicating the correct direction. This compass is called dream or ambition. When one has a dream, realizes its potential and follows the dream earnestly, success automatically comes to him. It is pertinent to point out that behind the success of person lies a strong dream. 

The path to success is filled with thorns; it is never a bed of roses. This path, like a roller coaster, contains   unexpected twists and turns. To enjoy the ride, what is required is a calm mind ready to face unexpected ups and downs. In many cases, when we put our first step itself, difficulties start to pop up. Those who are convinced of their dreams, show courage, put in hard work  and  sort out issues one by one. They never give up till success is achieved.  Many chapters of history contain stories  of such dreams, hard work and success.  Those who crossed the barriers, pains and sorrows, tasted the fruits of success and became immortal. 

Why our dreams remain dreams? 

1.    Not getting all the way, not even starting to follow the dream.  You need to be passionate about the dream and take the right steps. 
2.    Starting before becoming fully aware of the dream. An idea is worth following only if you
a.    work on the dream 
b.    realize the end result to be achieved. 
c.    do proper planning and
d.    follow the dream with all might and vigor whatever be the short term set backs. 
3.    Risk of failure.  Always remember
a.    Edison carried out 1000 failed experiments before finally inventing electric bulb. 
b.    The initial articles submitted by Rudiard Kiplying, winner of Nobel prize and author of Jungle Book, were rejected.
c.    Telephone was considered as a worthless instrument with of lot of shortcomings.   
 Lack of belief in oneself. 

 Your dream is your key to success. Never keep your dreams under the carpet. Follow it earnestly, with courage. Success will be yours. 


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