Ambition: The driving force that leads to success.

What is meant by  ambition?

Ambition is the goal we set to achieve in a certain period.  Becoming a doctor, businessman, leader, sportsperson etc   are all different forms of ambitions. It is an aim we set for ourselves for achievement.  Fulfillment of an ambition is the purpose of our life and becomes the reason for our existence.


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Major factors that influence ambition:


Let us consider  the case of a child who wants to be a world known footballer. To reach his aim, he should  have a healthy food habit, regular exercises, trainings, and passion. It means, he should have a disciplined life focused on his ambition.  Discipline is an essential factor to achieve any  ambition.


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Every year, we  take  lot of resolutions on first January. By first of February, we  forget  many of  our new year resolutions. We have the desire, but not determination. Ambition can be attained only if we pursue it relentlessly. Determination is a vital contributor for success in life.


With an ambition, discipline  and determination, we are very  near to achieving success. The only factor remaining  is   Resources. While a person decides on his ambition, he must invariably think of  the required resources.  Resources are raw materials required for achieving his ambition. For a person setting eye on establishing a factory, the major resources required are land, capital and labour.  But many often it is proved that if a person has  strong ambition and determination, resources are the easiest thing to arrange.



Short term, medium term and long term goals are needed to achieve ambitions:


A student who is studying in fifth standard  decides to be a doctor. Becoming a doctor is his ambition.  It takes years to become a doctor and we can term this as the long term goal set by the student to achieve his ambition. But to get admission to a medical college, he should pass qualification course  and  the entrance / selection test. This  must be achieved within a period of 7-8 years. This is his medium term goal. To reach his medium term goal, he has to work hard from now on by scoring good marks and completing fifth standard with a very good grade. Thus the immediate priority becomes his short term goal.


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Setting goals is a crucial factor for success. Equally important is the  analysis of  periodical progress.  An analysis helps us to identify whether we are on the set track. Short term successes make us more confident  to pursue our medium and long term goals. Also it points out the corrective steps to be initiated to remain in track, if at all we have diverted from our goals.  To have periodical assessment, we should ensure that the goals set are Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Reasonable within  the Time frame (SMART goals).


We have now an ambition coupled with Discipline , Determination and Resources. We have also set our SMART Goals. Now we must  have the firm faith or belief in ourselves and the set goals  to reach the ambition.


More about  faith  follows.

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