Remain positive to achieve your dreams

It has always been said that the mind is a powerful tool; that whatever we think, that is what we  achieve. For so many reasons that is true; the laws of attraction state that whatever you think,  that is what you will attract to yourself.  Your aura (energy that you give off) dictates what comes to you. That is why it is necessary to be positive at all times.


achieve your dreams


It does not mean that if you have a test coming up that you would not study and then think positively, and assume you would get a good grade; faith without works is dead. If you believe you will pass that test, then you must ensure that you do, after you have made enough effort to secure that good grade. That will mean late nights of studying and less playing, but you will in the end get your desired result.


achieve your 1dreams


For life in general, you have to visualise the things that you would want for yourself-all the things you need (the money, car, good life etc.) and attract that energy to yourself. You do not just think that you would like to have them or all you will attract is the constant need to have them. You must believe that they are already yours and go out and seize them. Nothing was put here on earth for anyone so we all have the same chance of achieving the same things anyone else can. Sure there will be some who may have more functional talents that will be able to achieve their goals faster, but this isn’t a race. There is no loser except for those who quit. Go at your own pace. For all those who did not know, Einstein was no genius. He had the same challenges we all did at learning, and he was often times placed at the back of the class and called a dunce. The difference between Einstein and other ‘dunces’ is he never kept trying, and today he is one of our most influential historians (and this applies to everyone globally).


Remain positive


The race is not for the swift, nor the battle for the strong. Command what you want out of life by emitting the right and positive energy, and soon you will have all you could ever dream of, just because you were able to think it as you would have it.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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