Derive Happiness Without Spending Money

Happiness is the state of being happy. The word happy has two meaning; Feeling of pleasure or contentment and being fortunate and convenient. 

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The second meaning of happy has made people believe that it is linked to money and power. The old adage clearly states that money cannot buy happiness. We come across many people who never can be described as rich, but are much happier than us.  Hence, happiness is clearly a state of mind wherein the mind is content with whatever we have. Realizing this aspect, people are now chasing happiness and self actualization rather than money and power. The fact is that you can derive happiness without spending a penny. 

Now let us examine some simple ways to derive happiness without spending money.

Be valuable in your eyes to derive happiness

Happiness depends on the value you fix for yourself. Never underestimate and consider yourself useless. All are created unique. Find out your strengths and talents.  Fix true value for yourself and be happier.  This is the exact reason why a child who has won the first place in a race at school level becomes happier than the athlete who has participated in Olympics. The world of the child is smaller and he is the king in his world.  So be the king of your kingdom. Let others be the kings in their kingdom.  

Create valuable moments to derive happiness

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What you remember in your life is moments, moments of satisfaction and moments of sorrow. When the number of moments of satisfaction is more than the number of sorrows, you become happier.  Good memories of experiences, people, activities and places make people happy. There is a best avenue for derivation of happiness for which you need not spend a penny. It is your family and friends.  Spend time with your children, spouse and friends. Happiness comes free. Feeling of togetherness is a major source of happiness.

Spend on others to derive happiness

Spending need not always means spending money. You can spend your talents, time and experiences for others to earn happiness. Imagine that you are a painter. If you are a painter, will it not be interesting to teach a group of kids? If you are an old person, you can derive happiness by sharing your childhood memories with young generation. Again, you need not spend a penny, but your time. 

Be sincere in your attitude to derive happiness

To remain happy, your mind needs to feel that you are a trusty worthy person. You automatically pass this message to your mind when your thoughts, words and deeds are in alignment. Every person in the world gets 86,400 seconds every day. Our happiness depends on how effectively we utilize each second. We cannot carry over even a single second to the next day. Be sincere and committed in your duties, relations and whatever you do. Be committed to the job and do your best for the institution that provides your earnings. 

Have a hobby and do regular exercise to derive happiness.

What you do when you are alone matters as far your mind is considered.  Never remain idle. Indulging in hobbies like gardening, reading, painting, cooking etc are enjoyed by your mind. Mind in turn returns happiness. Similarly, our body returns happiness when we indulge in exercises. The enzymes produced during exercise affect our body functions and mind. The enzymes support us to derive happiness

Are you not convinced now that you can derive happiness without spending money?

SJ Chakanal



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