Achieving Goals: Five Steps To Be Remembered

Goal, target, result and aim are the most dreaded words in a competitive world. You may be  student, company executive, businessman, a firm or a company. But  these are the most uttered words in everyday life.  Goal is a desired result  to be achieved by a person or an organization within a specific time period. When a goal is a “desired result” why should we scare? 

Lets us examine five major points to be remembered on our journey to achieve our goals. 


Clarity of goals. 

The enemy number one that prevents achievements of goals is lack of clarity. Whenever, you are responsible to perform a duty or reach a target, first realize what should be the end result. If you have a clear idea on the end result, half job is over. No surgeon can perform a surgery without knowing what the ailment is and which part of the body is to be operated. Before commiting something, collect maximum details about the expected outcome or end result. 

Positive thinking

Route to goals are always full of stones, hurdles and thorns. The first hurdle to be crossed is own mind blocks. You become what you think.  If you consider yourself to be incapable, then you are incapable. There are many handicapped persons who have swam across big rivers. But why many physically fit, well trained swimmers fail to cross the same river? If you have to be a winner in life fill your heart with positive thinking. Select the company of positive thinking people and stay away from those who carry the burden of negative thinking. A word of caution; going in front of a hungry lion to prove courage is not positive thinking, but only a foolish act. Be positive, but prepare for the worst.

Well laid plans. 


The next step is creating the master plan. First prepare the broad route map to reach the goals. Unless we are ready with a minute plan, we may become perplexed as and when unexpected results occur. To avoid such embarrassment, split the broad plans into smaller ones.  Allocate resources, fix responsibility and fix time frame for completion of each small steps. It is always better to have a well written plan. A clear route map  makes the journey  comfortable. Please never trust luck to support you because luck is another name for hard work. In simple words, unless you work hard, luck will never favour you. 


As your route map is ready, the next step is starting on the journey. Despite having the best route map, you may come across blockades. Whatever be the challenges, remain focused on the end result. Keeping the end result in mind, assess the situation, rework and replan. The first thing to do when you come across an unexpected turn is relaxing. A cool head and mind will offer you innumerable possibilities to turn the temporary unfavorable situation to your advantage. Remain cool, remain focused. Have faith in your abilities and the support of God. 

Remember to relax

You may be on an important journey to Mars. But unless you take breaks, allow your mind and body to refresh, you may not reach your goals. Enjoyments, outings, spending time with family, enjoying naughtiness of children, all should be part of the game. I am mentioning about the work-life balance. A vehicle with proper maintenance will run longer distance. A vehicle that saves time on maintenance may take initial lead, but will break down in no time. Same is the case with our body. 

Be confident, Plan properly, remain focused, work hard and relax in between. Success is sure. 

All the best !!!

SJ Chakanal



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