5 Steps to Retain Your Leader Position; Focus on YOU First

Retaining the coveted leader position in a highly competitive world is a herculean task. It is applicable both in personal life and business. Accounting principle states that a company is a perpetual entity. But the reality is that unless a company continuously improves, innovates and manages risks, it may become part of history in no time. Same is the case in personal life too. Here are five steps that will help you to move towards and retain the leader position in personal life.    

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Be fair, always : Step 1 towards Leader Position

‘Fairness in thoughts, words and deeds’ is the best description one can really be proud of in life.  A person becomes fair in his dealings, if his decisions are just based on truth and ethics. Fairness is always linked to transparency. When a person is consistent in his dealings, it becomes easy for others to deal with him. Each one is a brand and the distinguishing factor of this brand is the quality of character. Fairness always add value to the brand, ‘YOU’. 

Be present in social media: Step 2 towards Leader Position

The success in personal life and business depends on how strongly one maintains ones ties with existing relations and builds up the network.  Retaining existing relations is cheaper and easier than building up new ones. Key to success is always improving our reach and bringing more friends and associations to our fold.  

The significance of social media is that all successful business men or persons have their presence in them. So YOU can never remain far off from the social media.  Interaction is the foundation on which a relation is built and for this purpose there is no medium more effective than social media. The more the number of people talks about YOU in social media, more the worth YOU create. More your presence, more trust is the result.  Always remember to be fair in your words, thoughts and deeds even in the virtual world. The entire world is watching you. 


Be prompt on expanding horizons of knowledge: Step 3 towards Leader Position


In a fast developing society, today’s knowledge becomes obsolete tomorrow. Unless, we learn fast, it is difficult to cope up with the changes taking place around us. It is necessary to sharpen your axe continuously to remain effective. Keeping our eyes and ears open always is the best method to acquire knowledge. We are now living in an era of information overflow through various channels like, print media, television and internet. Social media is a best source to acquire knowledge and information. 

Your success lies in retaining your knowledge edge. For this YOU must develop a filtering mechanism to absorb the knowledge essential for us from the various sources pouring knowledge to us.  Choosing your trusted channels of information is a crucial job. It is just like choosing a friend. Please ensure that YOU follow credit worthy and reliable sources. Discard the sources that provide junk information. 

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Be watchful on health: Step 4 towards Leader Position

‘Health is wealth’, needs no explanation. Controllable aspects that decide your health are diet, regular exercise and proper rest. Unless, YOU enjoy your life, success has no meaning. To make your success a consistent one, your body should be cared properly. Food, exercise and rest are the three crucial aspects that keep your body fit making YOU to capitalize various opportunities. Never compromise on health.   

Be a family man: Step 5 towards Leader Position

Work life balance is the concept of balancing life and work. While technology has simplified our lives, e-mails, smart phones etc have eaten a major portion of our leisure time. Practically there is no personal time today. The border between life and work is becoming thinner. Electronic devices like laptops and smart phones require maintenance and regular recharges to remain functional. Same is the case with your body too. Unless YOU periodically services and recharges your mind and body, an early break down is imminent. The easiest way to get recharge is to spend quality time with family. 

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