Count your blessings and be grateful.

Andre was always complaining that he should have more of everything even though he had a lot more than other children could boast about. If his Mother served him dinner, he would look around the table and compare his with what the others had, and would then demand extra or something different. It was impossible to please him and his behavior annoyed many persons he met.


grateful 6


Most of the times the other children would ignore him but he was hard to be ignored as well. One day he was at school and the children were taking turns at the slide. Andre already got his turn but he felt like he needed to get more so he pushed his way to the top despite the complaints of the other children. On his way down, he hit a bump in the slide and fell to the ground. He screamed when he fell and when the other children ran to assist, they saw that he had broken his wrist; he had to be taken to the hospital. He complained all the way that he would be unable to write and ride his bicycle and swing on trees.


grateful 4


When he arrived at the hospital, he was taken to the ward where all the young children were and what he saw shut him up for good. There were children much younger than he was who had bandages and casts all over, and even some who were unable to move. There were others who had been born blind and even more who had been burned and scarred. He shivered when he saw every one and suddenly he did not feel so bad about a broken wrist any more.


grateful 3


Count your blessings and always be grateful for what you have, no matter how ‘small’ they may appear to be. There are many who are not even able to read this story, so if you can, be grateful for that.

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Don’t mix bad moods with words or actions.

Don’t be adventurous while take decisions.

Sometimes it is best to take the advice of others.

Bad habits may land you in trouble.

Kindness is a good virtue, but please keep a limit.


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