5 Great ideas: The Industrial Revolution and afterwards

The Industrial Revolution started by around 1733 in England. With more new inventions, factories followed. The first beneficiary was cotton mills. Industrial revolution soon spread to other countries and it transformed the society rapidly. Emergence of factories, electricity and railroads led to better utlisation of resources causing effective production of goods.


We have already seen

5 great ideas of the first phase of human life.     and

5 great ideas that emerged around the period of Renaissance.

Now let us examine the  5 great ideas and inventions that emerged during the period of Industrial revolution.



Rubber : The most important product from a tree.





In 1770, Joseph priestly discovered the ability of rubber to rub out lead pencil marks. Thus rubber got its name too. In 1839 Charles Good year invented vulcanization when rubber accidentally got mixed up with sulfur on a hot pan. Rubber got prominence with the invention of automobiles. Now, it may be difficult to find out a field without the application of rubber.



Steam engine : The portable source of energy.



Steam engine


Steanm engine, is a heat engine that convert the heat energy into mechanical energy. The steam engine was perfected by James Watt. Being a portable source of energy, it improved the efficiency of factories and industrial production. With the application of steam engines in trains, a revolution happened in transportation. The steam engine is credited as the engine that drove the Industrial Revolution.



Automobiles reduce distance.





The invention of automobile is the result of  relentless efforts of many persons over a period. The first steam powered vehicles was developed in 1769 by Cugnot and Brezin. First gasoline powered vehicle was developed in 1893 by the Dureya brothers. Henry Ford changed the manufacturing process by using conveyer belts and introducing assembly line method of production. Network of roads followed and distant places become closer. Automobiles changed the lifestyle forever. At the same time they  became major cause  for pollution.



Radio : The carrier of information and entertainment.





Marconi is credited with the invention of radio. The Radio applies the capacity of electromagnetic waves to transmit voice, images and data invisible through air. Radio emerged as a historical land mark because of its potential to inform and entertain.



Air craft : A dream comes true.



Air craft


Man has always fancied flying like a bird. Hot air balloons of the 18th century made flying possible to certain extent. Gliders followed soon. The invention of   four stokes engines made air craft to fly on its own power. Wright brothers were the first to make a successful human flight powered by an engine on December 17, 1903.



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