5 great ideas of the first phase of human life.

An idea is a  spark  of thought  or imagination  that  leads to an outcome. The power of an idea can change the course of life  and rewrite  history. All inventions and discoveries have their roots in an idea. The idea at that time might have sounded  absurd.  History has witnessed many  ideas and their manifestations that changed the way we live.  Let us  explore some of them.


Idea Number 1 – Discovery of  fire:


Discovery of  fire


Fire might have been discovered accidentally. Lightning, power of sun’s rays  dry grass, and  volcano eruption result in natural fire. In the initial periods, perhaps the man might have kept the fire burning by adding  more sticks to the fire. The power of fire in cooking  food or making tools might have prompted him to find out alternate ways to generate fire. This led to generation of fire by striking stones, or by rubbing pieces of wood.  The discovery of fire is considered as the single most discovery that gave an upper hand to man   over  animals.  


Idea Number 2- Invention of wheels


Invention of wheels

The wheel is the culmination  of ideas of many cultures and  men. It is the most important mechanical invention of all times. The wheel has played a pivotal role since the beginning of industrial revolution. The wheel  is applied  in many fields like transportation, gears, pulleys, computer discs and so on.


Idea Number 3 – Invention of weapons


Invention of weapons


Stones were the first tools used by men. Later on he started shaping and sharpening stones to suit his need for hunting and agriculture.  With the application of fire, he began to develop more deadly weapons. The idea that was conceived for survival has now turned out to be the most destructive one.


Idea Number 4 – Recording of time.


Recording of time


The credit for dividing the day into parts goes to the ancient Sumerians and Egyptians. Recording of time started by observing movement of  shadows of slender tapering monuments.  Hours were first measured around BC 1500 when first sundials were built. The invention of hour glass had great impact on recording of time. The rapid progress in the field has now reached  in inventions that even record time accurately to one hundredth of a second.


Idea Number 5-  Geometry




Geometry is the science of shapes and sizes of things. It is believed that geometry emerged when Egyptian pharaoh started collecting tax from farmers by measuring the extent of cultivation.  Geometry was applied in the construction of pyramids. It took an organized form when  Greek mathematician  Euclid gathered the knowledge known at that time along with his own ideas that resulted in his work ‘Elements’.  Geometry fired the imagination and creativity of human mind.


Now to :     5 Great ideas emerged around  the period of renaissance. 

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