Types of muscles in body : Basics ought to be known

There are about 650 muscles in our body and all the muscles contract and stretch to do different tasks. Without the help of muscles our body cannot perform basic activities like walking, blinking, smiling, digesting food, pumping blood etc. 40% of our body weight accounts for muscles. There are three types of muscles – the smooth or visceral muscles, cardiac muscles and skeletal muscles.

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The smooth muscles are those found in the walls of internal organs like stomach, intestines, esophagus, blood vessels, urinary bladder and uterus. These muscles work without our knowledge meaning they are involved in activities like pushing food down the food pipe, expelling urine from the bladder etc.

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The cardiac muscles are found only in the walls of the heart. These muscles are highly specialized in a way that they never get tired like other muscle types. The movement of these muscles stimulates the heart to contract and pump blood tirelessly. But how do they work? One of the important parts of the cardiac system is the natural pacemaker. It is nothing but a cluster of cells situated in the right upper chamber of the heart. These cells generate electrical impulses that control the movement of the cardiac muscles.  


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The last type is the skeletal muscles also called as striated muscles. These muscles help perform all the physical actions like walking, talking, writing etc. Unlike the other two types, these muscles are voluntarily controlled by us. As the name implies, they are mostly found between the bones in the skeleton. We have direct control over their movements through the nervous impulses created by our brain.

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