Recycling materials- Advantages behind

Recycling is the process of making new things out of old, discarded things. By recycling things that are recyclable, our environment is kept clean and green. There are many items that can be recycled and such items have a three arrow symbol on them. 

recycling 1

Different materials require different techniques for recycling. Some of the materials that can be recycled are high grade papers used in offices and schools, newspapers, cardboard sheets, magazines, paper bags, glass wares, plastics made of certain materials, things made of metals like aluminium, steel, copper, brass and iron, food scraps and house hold batteries as well. The used goods made of the above mentioned materials are initially collected, then separated and finally converted into raw materials again, from which new things are made.
recycling 2
Recycling saves our planet in various ways.  For instance by recycling paper, we are actually saving trees. If paper gets recycled, there is no need to cut lots of trees thereby decreasing the number of trees being cut for producing paper. Now let’s imagine what would happen when there isn’t any recycling. A lot of trees would be cut to produce paper which would in turn contribute to changes in water cycle, causes soil erosion, carbon emissions, extinction of certain species of birds and animals due to loss of habitat and finally global climatic changes. Thus recycling products helps preserve the natural resources like trees and our environment.

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Sometimes it actually takes less energy to produce recycled goods than the ones made from the original source. Thus recycling saves a lot of energy which in turn decreases pollution during manufacturing of new goods. Eventually it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling also helps reduce the amount of waste products dumped into the landfills. Without any recycling happening, more and more garbage would get collected in the landfills adding to ground water and environmental pollution. Thus recycling definitely helps keep our planet greener.

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