Energy star label and conservation of energy

Any recently bought electrical appliance will have an Energy Star rating. The energy star system was introduced in the year 1992. In order to bring about awareness on ‘conservation of energy’, the energy star label was put on electrical appliances. One common reason why people conserve electricity is to save on the electricity bills. But the most important reason to conserve electricity is that most of it is generated from non-renewable resources like coal or oil. The faster they get used-up, quicker is the depletion of fossil fuels. Also burning of fossil fuels to generate electricity causes pollution and in turn releases lots of green house gases.

energy star
In order to bring out changes to cut on green house gases emission and maintain a green atmosphere, the idea of conservation of less electric energy was brought about. One simple step is switching off lights and fan when nobody is in the room definitely helps in conserving energy. Apart from this, using electrical appliances that consume less energy than others also saves energy. So how do we know which appliance consumes less energy? To help consumers choose the right appliance, the energy star label has been introduced.

energy star 2

The Energy star label indicates that the product uses less energy compared to products without the energy star indication. Also there are 5 ratings. A five star rating consumes less energy than a 4 star or a 3 star rated appliance. Appliances with energy star label cut their energy consumption by significant percentage and can lessen the emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

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