Dead Sea: Difference from other water bodies

The Dead Sea is a lake bordering Jordan to the east, Palestine and Israel to the west. It is very much different from other water bodies on earth because of its hyper salinity. It means the lake is very much salty compared to all other seas. The salinity level is between 28 to 35% in contrast to the world’s saltiest ocean having a salinity level in the order of 3-6%.

dead sea 1

The surface of Dead Sea is 396m below the sea level with its shore being the lowest dry point on earth. It mainly gets water from the Jordan River. But because of diversion of water to many other areas, the Dead Sea doesn’t receive as much water as before. It is even believed that it would cease to exist after some years. The climate is hot and dry throughout the year.
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The Dead Sea is also called salt sea. It contains about 35 different kinds of mineral salts like potassium, iodine, bromine, magnesium, calcium to name a few, in large quantities. These mineral salts are said to possess healing powers. They are believed to cure the symptoms of ailments like skin problems like psoriasis, dermatitis and also rheumatic diseases like arthritis. There is a Dead Sea Research Centre which treats patients in a stepwise manner including a sun bath on the shore and a bath in the Dead Sea. They follow a pattern of treatment called Dead Sea therapy with minimal involvement of medical equipments.

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Apart from simple micro organisms nothing else can survive in this lake and hence is called the ‘dead’ sea. Because it is so dense with salt, one can easily float on the water without much effort due to the natural buoyancy. Though dead, it definitely has got some life giving therapeutic qualities.    

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