Cyber security strategies to safeguard from cyberattacks

The complexity, severity and frequency of cyberattacks are increasing day by day. In a digital world, cybersecurity is the key to safeguarding data and information, the most precious assets of an organization.  From once in a while phishing mail, cyberattack has migrated to frequent ransomware attacks. This has compelled organizations to spend time and resources for cyber security for preventing cyberattacks.   Information and network security strategy is an integral part of cyber security strategy to ensure success of business.  Individuals also need to remain alert to safeguard from cyber frauds.  Let us have an overview of some of such cyber security strategies and precautions.

Safeguarding the credit card and bank account details has become crucial as majority of cyberattack frauds are focused on this area.  
•    Never hand over credit or debit card to strangers as cloning of cards can be done very easily.
•    Never write down pass word or reveal password to strangers. 
•    Access bank network only from own computers or safe networks
•    Ideal to have a dedicated computer for carrying out online banking activity. Activities such as social media, email, web surfing etc open up a computer to vulnerabilities.
•    Keep computers and mobile phones updated with latest antiviruses
•    Never reveal PIN number, CVV number, card number, OTP etc  even to officials of bank 

Securing IT Infrastructure with firewalls, regularly updating anti-virus and malware and spyware detection software in place are essential components of cyber security.  Ensure that periodic backups are taken to restart the functioning in the event of a cyberattack. 

Passwords with reasonable level of difficulty and secrecy of passwords play vital roles in cyber security. Make sure that the passwords are changed frequently.  Ensure that passwords are of complex nature containing upper case letters, special characters and numbers. It is better to have passwords with minimum eight characters. Always use different passwords for different online uses. For organizations, it is better to have a formal password policy. 

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In organizations, cyber security breach often happens because of lack of awareness of employees. They should be educated to avoid opening of emails from unknown sources and downloading and installing attachments forwarded with suspicious e-mails.  Imparting regular training on such aspects and also on handling of confidential data and other vital information will ensure a good cyber security culture. It is also better to have background check of employees before appointment. When services of outsourced agencies are utilized,  always understand the process of selection of employees and other background checks carried out by them. 

Regular monitoring of performance of installed programs enables an organization to identify vulnerabilities, if any. Such vulnerabilities can be rectified by application of software patch, a small piece of software designed to fix problems or update a computer program. Timely application of patches reduces cyberattack. 

Regulators of financial intuitions always insists on risk mitigating steps to be in place to safe guard the customer details and inspections are carried out regularly to ensure that good practices are in place. Always ensure that instructions of regulators and law enforcement authorities are implemented. 

Application whitelisting is a technique employed as part of cyber security to ensure that only approved and specified applications are running in the IT network of an organization. This prevents malicious software and applications entering the network of an organization and getting installed.

Insurance is an option that can be explored by organizations to mitigate the risks associated with cyberattacks.  

Controlling access to data centre and accessing data through proper physical and administrative controls ensures that only authorized persons gain access to the premises and data bases. Access of data by unauthorized persons often becomes suicidal for an organization. Hence data centre and data shall be tightly controlled through administrative privileges.

Cyber security precautions enables organizations to take maximum advantage of newer technologies—mobile, social media, and cloud— by reducing the risks of cyberattacks.  Adequate cyber security measures are essential in the present era of information and data based  business to remain relevant and ensure growth. Hacking and Ethical Hacking


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Cyber security strategies to safeguard from cyberattacks
Article Name
Cyber security strategies to safeguard from cyberattacks
In a digital world, cyber security is the key to safeguarding data and information. Frequent cyberattacks have compelled organizations to focus more on cyber security.

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