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Heard about Epsom salt baths? Epsom is a small town in England. It was here where the magical healing powers of this salt were first pondered upon. Epsom salt is said to have many health benefits.

It is not sodium chloride, the ordinary salt that we consume every day. It is a naturally occurring compound of pure minerals. The salt is very rich in magnesium sulphate. These two minerals are easily absorbed by our skin which is why Epsom salt baths are considered natural remedy for body pain. Today the salt is available in most of the medical stores. Two cups of Epsom salt added to warm water bath helps rejuvenate the body. Epsom salt is known to do wonders with body ailments like skin related problems, back aches, muscle or nervous strain, cuts etc. Magnesium can regulate lots of enzymes within the body energizing both the muscles and nerves. Sulphates help in absorption of nutrients, removal of toxins. They also work to ease headaches.

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When we soak our legs in tub of water which has Epsom salt dissolved in it, magnesium gets absorbed into the body via the skin. This replenishes the magnesium store of our body. By activating different enzymes, magnesium helps to re energize cells by improving production of certain enzymes. This process results in reduction of physical stress thereby making the body feel much better. The muscles and nerves start to relax. This results in soothing muscular pain. Epsom salt bath is considered a good remedy for physical strain. Apart from these health benefits, they are also known to help plants by acting as a fertilizer as well as insecticide. It provides vital nutrients for plants and also helps to get rid of insects.

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