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Boat refers to a vessel that is small enough to be hoisted aboard a ship which is a much larger vessel. Boats and ships serve a variety of purposes including transport, recreation, fishing, sporting and military operations.


ship, boat, part, port, keel, anchor


‘Port’ and ‘starboard’ are nautical terms used by sailors. Port refers to the left and star board to the right side of a ship as seen by a person on the ship facing the front of the ship. The front of the ship is called ‘fore’ and rear of the ship is known as ‘stern’. Main body of a boat or ship is called ‘hull’.

There are cruise ships, freight ship, warships and other types that serve different purposes. Cruise ships are no less than a luxurious hotel with their own theatre, restaurant and every other amenity. They produce an enormous amount of pollution including fuel and sewage.  However they produce much less compared to the transportation via roadways.


ship, boat, part, body

There are different types of boats like house boats, keel boats, sail boats etc. ‘Liveaboards’ are the term used for people who live on a houseboat. The popular ones among houseboats are the non cruising houseboats that are intended to have little or no mobility. They have installed water tank and sewage tank. The houseboat’s bathroom is called as head, kitchen as galley and bedroom as stateroom.  The houseboats are normally made of a popular material called fiberglass which is light, strong and easily maintained. It can also be made of wood which is less expensive. The depth of the boat is referred to as “draft”. The draft will help calculate the depth of water required for safe operation. 


Leadership has a lot more to do with action than talk

Leadership has a lot more to do with action than talk