Leadership has a lot more to do with action than talk

There are many who want to lead,

And even more who actually do,

But leadership has a lot more to do with action than talk,

And leaders need followers.


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Leadership is teamwork between those who lead,

And those who follow.

A leader is only as good as his followers,

For if your leadership influences no one to follow you,

Then all your actions would be in vain.


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It takes a lot to be a leader;

It is a lot of responsibility, courage and discipline.

It is more than just the title or name one bears,

It is all about the substance of the person in control.


Sometimes being a leader means going against personal beliefs,

To ensure the greater good of the people he leads-

It cannot be just conforming to the general ideals of the populace.

Above all, when you choose to become a leader,

You will need wisdom most of all.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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