Know where and when to do what!

There are many different ways to express what you want,

And equally as many places for you to express them.

Do not confuse the places and the behaviours;

Learn to follow directions and recognise that certain

Actions are inappropriate to certain places.


know 4


Rules exist in order to keep us in line,

And breaking them is usually accompanied by misfortune.

The universe is very rigid with its laws,

And stern in its punishment.




Appreciate that work and play are different things,

And have to be observed at different places;

A main feature of our existence,

Is knowing where and when to do what!

By  YesJay


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Bring out the leader in children.


All the good you do will come back to you.

Don’t doubt others when they say good.

Majority in number does not always mean right.

Leadership is doing what is right even under pressure.

Forgiveness is greater than revenge

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