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 Wisdom is a Laysan albatross. Wisdom is believed to be the oldest known sea bird. Birds that live in the marine environments are known as sea birds or marine birds. Laysan albatross is a large seabird.  Majority of Laysan albatross live in North Pacific. 

Wisdom is a female Laysan albatross. At the age of 66, Wisdom is believed to be the oldest living seabird. Wisdom is now in news for the reason that she is expecting. Wisdom was hatched in 1951. At the age of 6, she was tagged or banded for study by scientist Chandler Robbins of Midway Atoll National Wildlife Reserve. Birds are tagged or banded for the purpose of collection of various data like their locations, flight patterns, food habits, rearing processes, longevity etc. After tagging Wisdom, she was returned to the wild instead of keeping in captivity.

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Wisdom was in news in December 2014 also when she laid an egg. That was considered to be the 36th egg for Wisdom. Albatrosses normally lay one egg per year. It is estimated that Wisdom flew around three million miles since her tagging. Laysan albatross spend 90% of their life span flying looking for food. In this process, they travel thousands of kilometers per year.  

Midway Atoll National Wildlife Reserve is the largest reserve for albatross with an estimated three million breeding birds year round.