Monthly Archive:: August 2017

Digital Banking: What does it mean? 

The word Digital Banking is creating waves across the globe. In India, digital banking is one of the most widely discussed terms since demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes. Digital banking has been in existence for over three decades, but still there exists confusion on the exact meaning of digital banking.  What

Bharat 22: An Investment Opportunity in Public Sector Units

Bharat 22 is an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) announced by the Government of India  as part of disinvestment scheme.  Through Bharat 22 government proposes to offer investment opportunity in 22 public sector units (PSU) from 6 segments.  Success of the earlier launched CPSE ETF has prompted the government to offer a portion of the holding

The Month of August and Indian Freedom Struggle

The month of August is very dear to all Indians because of the two milestone events happened in the month in relation to the long struggle of the country for independence: Quit India movement and Indian Independence. Quit India movement was launched on August 8, 1942 and on August 15, 1947 the country became independent.

Energy Saving and Light Bulbs

Energy saving has a direct impact on the nature.  Production of energy through conventional methods has been leading to greenhouse gas emission which is a major cause for global warming.  For this reason energy saving is a priority item in many nations.   What is energy saving? Energy saving in simple words is the process