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Different types of cyberattacks

Safeguarding the organization from cyberattacks has become a major focal point of databased organizations world over. Almost all organizations, irrespective of their field of operations, are depended on data of one nature or other. Banking and financial institutions are major preys of cyberattacks because of the sensitivity of data being maintained by them. Cyber attackers

Cyberattack: Techniques, Consequences and Prevention

Awareness on various forms of cyberattacks, techniques adopted and prevention is essential for survival in the present era, in which data has become the most valuable asset. Any illegal attempt or access of data, unauthorized modification or copying of data  or disruption of services or damages to information systems comes under cyberattack.  Refer Cyberattack: Definition,

Cyberattack: Definition, Motives and Categorisation

Cyberattack is a byproduct of information technology boom.  We are leaving in an era in which most valuable assets are data and information.  Cyberattack in broad view is any illegal attempt to possess or control data in the custody of another person with varied intentions, the main among them being monitory gain and tarnishing image

Mughal Empire and Mughal Buildings in India

Mughal Empire was the most prominent empire in the Indian subcontinent. It was established in 1526 by the victory of Babur over Ibrahim Lodhi in the First Battle of Panipat (1526). During the zenith of Mughal era, Indian subcontinent was the world's largest economy. Most eminent ruler from Mughal dynasty was Akbar.  In 1739, the

Digital Banking: What does it mean? 

The word Digital Banking is creating waves across the globe. In India, digital banking is one of the most widely discussed terms since demonetization of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 currency notes. Digital banking has been in existence for over three decades, but still there exists confusion on the exact meaning of digital banking.  What