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Pancreas: Essential points ought to be known

Pancreas: General  Vertebrates are animals with backbones. Pancreas is an important organ found in the bodies of human beings and  vertebrates.  Pancreas resembles a thermos lying on its side. It has  a size of about 6 inches in length, 1.5 inches in width and 1 inch in thickness. Pancreas lies across the abdomen behind the

Major Achievements of Science in 2014

Each year scientific achievements conquer new pinnacles. 2014 has been no exception. It was an excellent year for science and scientists. Each invention or discovery reminds that the nature and universe still holds many secrets. Here is the list of Major achievements of science in 2014.  Science in 2014: The Rosetta Spacecraft and Philae Landing

Vitamin B12: Must Be Known Aspects

Vitamin in small quantities is essential to sustain life and ensure optimal functioning of the body. Still it is surprising that a human body either does not produce sufficient quantities of vitamins or none at all. The body depends on the vitamins obtained through diet to overcome the shortage.  Different vitamins have different roles. Doctors

5 Pillars of Leadership Defined in “I” Terms

Leadership is the ability to lead a group of people towards achievement of a common goal. Leaders are sometimes creation of circumstances. Leadership qualities always get polished by circumstances. But, no leader can survive without certain qualities.      Now, let us examine what are the most crucial qualities for a leader.    For a

Achieving Goals: Five Steps To Be Remembered

Goal, target, result and aim are the most dreaded words in a competitive world. You may be  student, company executive, businessman, a firm or a company. But  these are the most uttered words in everyday life.  Goal is a desired result  to be achieved by a person or an organization within a specific time period. When