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Alcohol and the ill effects.

Alcohol is a recreational drug consumed by man. It causes a lot of ill-effects on the body and the effects vary from person to person. Alcohol consumption causes various physical and chemical changes to the body depending on the amount consumed.   Pure alcohol is nothing but ethanol (ethyl alcohol) with the chemical formula C2H5OH.

Soft and hard water:Points ought to be known

Water is known as elixir of life. This precious resource is used by all living organisms for their survival. You might have noticed formation of scales on your kitchen sinks, bathroom surface. This is due to the prolonged use of hard water.    Hard water is water containing appreciable amounts of dissolved minerals like calcium

El Nino: The reasons behind

We might see the name El Nino appearing now and then in weather related reports in the newspapers. It is a change occurring in the Pacific Ocean, resulting sometimes in abnormal warming of the ocean water. Why would a change happening in the Pacific Ocean appear in newspapers of all parts of the world? Because this

Fever is not a disease: Know the beneficial effects

Medical professionals have always been debating a question – is fever a friend or foe? One satisfying answer could be that fever is not a disease but a valuable and revealing symptom. A condition with elevated body temperature is called fever. The body starts generating heat faster than losing it. Fever is one of the

Travel sickness (motion sickness): Know the reasons

There are sufferers of travel sickness or ‘motion sickness’ in all parts of the world. Travelling by air, sea or road can make them sick. Vomiting, dizziness, nausea, mild headaches are few of the symptoms of motion sickness. They get back all their energy once their journey ends. Our ears, nose and eyes play a