Green Building and LEED Certification

Green Building means application of environmentally responsible process throughout the life cycle of a building. LEED is the most widely used rating system for such processes.  What is Green Building?  Green building is a concept that brings together various best practices, processes, skills and talents to reduce and eliminate the impacts of structures on environment

Pepper – The Most Influential Spice

Pepper is considered the most influential spice for the key roles played both in trade and world politics. Black pepper is one of the oldest and most popular spices of the world. It is a native of the ancient Malabar Coast of India (the Western Ghats in Kerala).   What is a spice? The word

Invention of Dynamite and Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize was instituted by Alfred Nobel (1833-1896), inventor of dynamite. Through the will, he donated his fortune to establish the Nobel prizes.  Childhood of Alfred Nobel  Alfred Nobel was born on 21 October 1833 in Stockholm, Sweden to Immanuel Nobel, a producer and dealer of armaments. Alfred Nobel had a weak spine and was

Earthquakes and Safeguards: Everything Ought to be Known 

Earthquake is one of the most devastating natural calamities. It is also known as tremor, quake or temblor. Quake can be resulted from human activity like nuclear explosion too.  Many parts of the earth are prone to earthquake while some parts witness frequent tremors.   How does an earthquake occur?  An earthquake is the vibration

Cryo-Electron Microscopy: Advanced Version of Microscopy

Cryo-Electron Microscopy (Cryo-EM) is an advanced form of microscopy that allows observation of tiny specimens in their natural environment.  It is also known as electron cryomicroscopy. It is an advanced version of transmission electron microscopy (TEM). What is microscopy? Microscopy is the study of tiny objects and specimens that cannot be seen with the naked