Time Person Of The Year: Everything About The Issue

Time Person Of The Year is an annual issue of the famous news magazine Time. The interesting fact about the Time Person Of the Year is that it may not always be about an individual. In the last month of every calendar year, Time choses a person, a group, an idea or an object that

World Heritage Sites: Relevant Points In A Nutshell

World Heritage Sites are unique places or  buildings of immense value even for future generations. Heritage means cultural or natural sites of substantial value passed on to us by past generations. In the case of a family, heritage can be possessions, properties or value based traditions. But the heritage of a country refers to its

Demonetisation And Legal Tender : Basics Ought To Be Known

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on 8 November 2016, in a live televised address to the nation declared circulation of all Rs. 500 and Rs.1000 bank notes as invalid from 9 November 2016. Through this process of demonetisation, the said currencies ceased to be legal tender.  What is legal tender? What is demonetization?

Healthy and Wealthy Heart

When we chase our dreams, we often forget the organ that makes our chase possible. We ignore  our heart, the motor that work non-stop, supplying nutrients and oxygen to other organs to keep the entire body in action. We are keen to carry out the periodical maintenance works for our replaceable motor vehicles, but conveniently

Control Emotions; Control Pains

Emotion is a psychological state that is the result of three components; an experience, a physiological response and an expressive reaction. Experiences and our reactions to them constitute our life. Emotions are also termed feelings.  Anger, love, trust, joy, fear, grief and panic are some examples of emotions. An emotion is a specific and short

Chikungunya: Essential points ought to be known 

Chikungunya, also known as Chicken guinea, has become a major health concern across the globe. There is no vaccination or proper treatment for the disease. But the comfort is that the chikungunya is not a life threatening disease. However, sometimes it may take months for full recovery from the side effects of the disease like

Phishing: Basics Ought To Be Known

Phishing is a way of fraudulently acquiring vital information such as usernames, passwords and details of credit debit card, by sending e-mails or over phone by creating an impression that it is from regulators, authentic organizations or individuals.  How is phishing carried out? Phishing is usually carried out through hoax emails (with fake sender addresses),