Healthy and Wealthy Heart

When we chase our dreams, we often forget the organ that makes our chase possible. We ignore  our heart, the motor that work non-stop, supplying nutrients and oxygen to other organs to keep the entire body in action. We are keen to carry out the periodical maintenance works for our replaceable motor vehicles, but conveniently

Control Emotions; Control Pains

Emotion is a psychological state that is the result of three components; an experience, a physiological response and an expressive reaction. Experiences and our reactions to them constitute our life. Emotions are also termed feelings.  Anger, love, trust, joy, fear, grief and panic are some examples of emotions. An emotion is a specific and short

Chikungunya: Essential points ought to be known 

Chikungunya, also known as Chicken guinea, has become a major health concern across the globe. There is no vaccination or proper treatment for the disease. But the comfort is that the chikungunya is not a life threatening disease. However, sometimes it may take months for full recovery from the side effects of the disease like

Phishing: Basics Ought To Be Known

Phishing is a way of fraudulently acquiring vital information such as usernames, passwords and details of credit debit card, by sending e-mails or over phone by creating an impression that it is from regulators, authentic organizations or individuals.  How is phishing carried out? Phishing is usually carried out through hoax emails (with fake sender addresses),

Diabetes: General Facts You Ought To Know

Diabetes mellitus (DM), popularly known as diabetes, is a condition in which blood glucose levels remain above normal over a prolonged period. It is an abnormality of glucose metabolism. If unattended, diabetes affects blood pressure and cholesterol levels and leads to major complications like heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, damage to eyes and failure of

Inflation,Consumer Price Index(CPI), Wholesale Price Index (WPI) and More

Inflation is defined as a persistent increase in the costs of goods and services in an economic system, over a period of time. It is normally mentioned as percentage increase per annum. With increase in inflation, the amount you own today cannot get you same quantity of goods or services, in future. This means a

Goods and Service Tax (GST) and India

Goods and Service Tax has been one of the most debated terms in India for the last two years.  Goods and Service Tax, GST in short form, is portrayed as the biggest tax reform of the country after independence. GST is expected to overhaul and simplify the present taxation process and transform the country into