YouBionic 3D Printed Hand

YouBionic is an Italian start-up in ‘augmented human’ field.  It has launched a double-hand prosthetic to give human beings two extra hands.  The device is named as ‘Hand’. The 3D printed Hand can be strapped onto your own hand. According to the company, they have introduced a product that the world has not seen so far. They want to run to t the future and evolve immediately. YouBionic had earlier introduced a functioning bionic hand for people without them. 

What is prosthetic?

Prosthetic is an artificial device that is used as a replacement for a body part that is lost in accident, or disease. It is also used to improve the conditions of those who have born with congenital deficiencies in body parts. Prosthetics are envisioned to reinstate the normal functions of the missing body part to certain extent. 

How is the movement of YouBionic 3D Hand controlled?

Hand, in true sense cannot be described as a prosthetic device. It is not a substitute for lost  hands alone.  3D Hand can be strapped to your own hand. The movement of 3D Hand can be then be controlled through movement of fingers at different speeds. The movements of original fingers are captured by sensors attached to the wearer’s fingers and then used as input signals to control the movements and actions of the artificial Hand. The activities like curling up, stretching etc of 3D hand can be controlled by movement of fingers of original hand. The sensors ensure that artificial hand perform the intended duties and avoid mirroring the actions of original fingers. 

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How do you get YouBionic 3D Hand?

YouBionic has launched the 3D prosthetic Hand for USD 2100. On payment of the amount, YouBionic provides the elements to create robotics and bionics. The files can be used to print the Hand using 3D technology. The plastic parts are 3D-printed from nylon dust through a process called sintering.  A laser 3D printer heats up the dust and molds it into the required plastic parts based on the specifications provided.  The buyer has also the option to modify the Hand to make it more personal, by making it bigger or smaller. It can be remodified to generate new moves or special catches. The buyer can thus completely redesign the mechanical elements to suit their requirements of lifting objects, tighten handles to match the performance of natural hand.  

Another exceptional feature of Youbionic Hand is modularity. Each finger is designed with stand-alone capability and can be part of another configurations. The founders of YouBionic envision a future in which human body and machines are fused to perform difficult and dangerous tasks in a safe manner. 

As of now, the Hand has only limited functionalities. But it is good step towards using artificial devices for ensuring safety of human beings and improving human productivity. As the promoters claim, it is a device for the future. 

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YouBionic 3D Printed Hand
Article Name
YouBionic 3D Printed Hand
YouBionic is a start-up in ‘augmented human’ field and has launched a double-hand prosthetic named ‘Hand’. The 3D printed Hand can be strapped onto hand.

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