Xiaomi banned from sale of smartphones in India till February 5

Xiaomi cannot sell smartphones, at least for the time being, in India.  Xiaomi is the third largest manufacturer of smartphones while India is  the 3rd   largest market for smartphones.  Xiaomi Inc, the China based company has been in news for the phenomenal growth registered  in the smartphone market in a short period. The company launched the first instrument in August 2011. But,  by   October 2014, within a  span of three years, the company became the 3rd largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world. Credit goes to the low priced but feature filled products of the company. 


According to reports, the ban in India for sale, advertisement and import,   is   because of  the order of  the Delhi High Court. The court is hearing a case related to patent violation filed against Xiaomi by Ericsson, Swedish telecom equipment maker. 

In India, the company has been selling the smartphones exclusively through Flipkart, the online retailer. Flipkart has also been banned along with Xiaomi  from sale of the devises till February 5. 

Xiaomi, which entered Indian market  around 5 months back was an instant hit among cost conscious Indian customers. It captured the attention of consumers followed by market share through the low price strategy. Indian consumers supported Xiaomi in occupying  the third position among smartphone manufacturers just behind Samsung and Apple.  

Xiaomi Inc, was founded on  June 6, 2010 to focus on development, design and sale of smartphones, consumer electronic equipments  and related products. It has presence in China, Malaysia, India, Singapore and Indonesia. The company plans to enter Brazil and Mexico next. U.S. market is not in their radar at least for the time being.   The company employs more than 3000 employees. The company that sold around 18 million handsets last year has already sold more than 60 million by this time in the current year for  a revenue of more than  $ 10 billion.  

With the mobile phone market growing at a rapid pace, the name Xiaomi may become a more familiar name, even in the West, in the days to come with more focus on  designs and R&D. 

(Added on 16.12.2014- Court has temporarily shifted the ban by allowing Xiaomi to import and sell  Qualcomm chipset-based handsets )


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