Worth is not determined by size.

Little Ajeet was always ridiculed because he was the smallest boy in the class. At age 8, he was about  one foot below all the other boys. If he wanted to get something from the top shelf, he had to ask one of the bigger children or the class teacher. He always felt sad when he had to do this and every night when he went to bed, he would pray that he would grow taller during the night.


Another problem Ajeet had was that he was very slow when it came to running. During games, he would always come last because of his size. His teacher always told him that even though he is small, he could do great things. Ajeet did not think that was true because he was too young to understand.


One day the children were in the classroom. It was very windy outside and suddenly the breeze blew the door shut. The teacher went to open it but realised she couldn’t because the lock was broken. Everyone started to panic, because there was no other way to get outside except through the classroom window.


Several children tried to do that, but had to be pulled back in because they always got stuck. The teacher suggested that Ajeet try because he was the smallest of them all. He made it through the window on his first try. The teacher told him to run to the headmaster and ask them to get someone to open the door for them.


When Ajeet came back with the handyman, and the door was opened, everyone hugged him and clapped him. Because of Ajeet they could get out of the classroom and to safety. Ajeet smiled and felt very proud of himself. From that day on, no one mocked him again about his size, and he never felt bad again, even when he came last in games. He knew that even though he was small, he was important too.


Worth  is not determined by size. It does not matter how big or small a person is, no one is good at everything. As small as you are, you are great at something. Sometimes the smallest person is the most important person of all.

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