There is wisdom in knowing when to stand up and fight for youself.

Tom was not a small boy when you compared his figure to that of the other boys in his class, but he seemed to always be the one they picked on at all times. The other boys perhaps thought him an easy target because he would always hang his head down and not respond to them. So they would walk up to him and flick his ears, tug his clothes, and grab his things and run off. They would return with them in a while, but it was always inconvenient to him when they took them. Still, he never opted to fight them.


One day he was walking to class when an older boy stuck his foot in his path and tripped him. Tom almost fell, and had to quickly grab onto another kid in order not to. He flashed the boy a warning look and walked along. Dillon, the older boy, realising that Tom had not chosen to fight him back, decided to chase after him. He caught up to him and shoved him in the back and still Tom did not turn around, but kept on walking. He got close to the classroom door, and again Dillon shoved him.




This time, Tom could stand no more and he turned around and grabbed Dillon by the collar. He pushed him against the lockers and held him there, anger in his eyes. Dillon became scared especially because he did not realise that Tom was so strong. Try as he might he could not move. Tom let him go and he fell to the ground. Tom went to class and from that day, no one dared tease him again.


Sometimes it is best to walk away from a fight; but there is wisdom  in knowing when to fight and stand up for yourself.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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