Winners never quit

Meenu was never chosen to play with the other kids during sports because she was not very good at sports. She would run last every time she did athletics, she could not kick the ball straight when they played girl’s football, and she would get all tangled up when they did an obstacle race. Meenu did not care that she  was not  winning  these games-she just wanted to play. She never quit trying.


On the occasion that the school had sporting events, Meenu would always participate because the Principal said that everyone should play. No one would choose Meenu though, but she had to be on a team so she never worried about that at all. There were four teams participating on this particular day and Meenu was placed on the blue team. She was very happy but no one else was. They ignored her though because there were many others on the team. There was little harm she could do. At the end of the day they would tally the points and the team with the most points would win.


never quit 1


Meenu was given the last race to run-the obstacle race. Before this race began, the blue team was in second place. The team needed to get at least three points in order to win. Everyone was worried because they did not think Meenu would give them three points; she would only get two for coming last. The race began and they cheered her on anyway, telling her to go faster all the while so that she could win. All the other teams were in front, but Meenu slowly made her way through the obstacles-she crawled under the row of chairs, she hopped through the tyre rings and swung over mud using a vine. She saw the other children ahead of her but she continued at her own pace. She then had to climb a wall using rope. She loved to climb, and many of the other children kept falling. Two of the other teams went over before her, and when she finally did, she ran to the finish line. She had come third.


never quit 2


The blue team was angry that she did not  win, but Meenu knew she had done her best. When they called the results, they heard that the points Meenu got had indeed caused the blue team to win because she got six points for finishing the race and coming third. They all ran and lifted Meenu in the air. She beamed with pride because she had helped her team to win.


 Never quit even when  odds are against you. There is more to winning than coming first-you are already a winner because you finish the race. You can only lose if you stop trying.



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Strong character is needed to avoid a fight.

We miss beauties of life by looking for faults.

And that’s real confidence

Maintain your uniqueness even in a group.

Never stop running, and never stop trying.


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