You are wholesome;accept yourself.

When you look in the mirror,

The face you see staring back at you,

Is the only face you will ever see,

Every time you look in the mirror.


wholesome 1


Be comfortable in the skin you are in,

And make all the things that bring you joy,

Fit under that skin.


If you are displeased with something you see in the mirror,

Then fix it with your mind!

If you feel you have outgrown the skin you are in,

Make bigger room!


wholesome 2


No one will accept you, or the skin you are in,

If you aren’t able to accept it for yourself.

And even if they don’t, it won’t matter,

Because you are comfortable, wholesome and complete,

Under that skin!

By  Kerry Ann Stewart, the complete site for children.

Bring out the leader in children by making them inquire, innovate and be creative.


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Always be a cheerful giver.

Always try to be the rare gem.

While you wait, don’t forget to dance.

Disobedience often leads to dishonesty.

Things you discard may be valuable for another.



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