Whatever you do to another, expect a similar reaction.

Lillian was a gentle soul whom everyone loved dearly. There was no one who would ever think to do her harm, or would watch her come to harm. Well, all except for Keith. He was a trouble maker and he always found Lillian the easiest to play around because she was so frail and could not, or would not fight back.



 similar reaction 4



One day Lillian was running an errand for her mother. This particular errand would take her across the bridge, and over to the other side where her Father was working; Mother had asked her to take him some lunch. Just as Lillian was approaching the bridge, Keith popped out in front of her, waving a stick. He kept ambushing her every turn so that she could not pass. He attempted to take the basket from her, asking her what was inside. When she refused to tell him, he tugged the basket away from her and by so doing the basket tipped over and all the food she was taking for her Father fell onto the ground.



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Just then, it so happened that Father, not knowing that Mother had sent Lillian with lunch, was heading home for it. He saw when Keith pulled the basket from her. He ran over, only to see Lillian crying while she sat on the ground trying to take up the remainder of the food that had not been spilled. By this Keith had ran off when he spotted her father coming across the bridge, but as he did so, his legs got caught in some vines that ran along the path and he tripped and fell and broke his tooth. He got up slowly, crying and holding onto his mouth that was now spilling blood. Father went over to him and gave him a handkerchief to help wipe up the blood and  told him to hurry home.



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Even though he had helped, Father could not help thinking it served him right for being so mean. Lillian thought the same thing too.


One good/bad deed deserves another. Whatever you do to another, expect a similar reaction for yourself.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart


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It is best to trust the good you already know.

Extend help without expecting anything in return.

Never skip school;whatever be the short term challenges

In the days of plenty, remember to save for future.

Choose the battles with just causes for a fight.


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