We can, when we want to

I remember the night in Miami when our son, Ian, was just five years old.

We were staying with relatives and it was his bedtime.

When I looked at the living room floor, I knew we had a problem.

Toys were all over the place. "Ian," I said, "you need to pick up all those toys before you go to bed."

"Daddy," he said, "I`m too tired to pick up my toys."

My immediate inclination was to force him to clean up the room. 

Instead, I went into the bedroom, laid down, and said, "Ian, come here. Let’s play Humpty Dumpty."

He climbed up on my knees and I said, "Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall."

And he fell.

Ian laughed and said, "Let`s do it again."

Well, after the third "fall," I said, "Okay, but first go pick up those toys."

Without thinking, he ran into the living room and in ninety seconds he finished a job that could have taken half an hour.

Then he jumped back on my knees and repeated, "Daddy, let’s do it again."

"Ian, I thought you were too tired to pick up those toys."

He answered, "I was, daddy, but I just wanted to do this!"


We can finish any job when we have the "Want to!"

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