Water is important for your body

When was the last time that you had a drink of water? If you can’t remember, I suggest you get a drink right now, or by the time you are through reading this. It has always been said that we should drink 8 glasses of water every day. Some persons mistakenly think that this should only be pure water. Nothing is wrong if you decide to indeed drink 8 glasses of water daily, but there are other ways to add fluid to your body than by directly drinking water; you could eat fruits and vegetables which contain a lot of water, or drink juices (except for alcohol which actually drains the fluids from your body).


Water is important for your body


We were not told to drink this much water just because there is that much on earth. Water has a lot of health benefits because it acts as nutrient. Our bodies lose water constantly simply by evaporation or by sweating, breathing, urinating and passing stool- and if you cry a lot, that’s more fluid too. If you do not replace this loss, then you will become dehydrated, and perhaps even sick. The kidney acts like the ‘toilet’ of the body and it uses water to flush the system. If there isn’t enough water, it will try to preserve as much as it can. This means that not enough will go to the bladder or colon, which can lead to constipation or bladder infections.


Water is important for your body1


The body is made up of 60% water, so the intake must at least be equal to the amounts we lose constantly. Water doesn’t only quench thirst but it helps to energize muscles and can be used as a weight loss strategy. It is recommended that every morning, before you eat a meal, a glass of room temperature water must be drunk. Yes you will get a feeling of nausea, but this is only telling you that there are too many toxins present. Once you do this often enough (early morning drinking), the feeling goes away. Water does the body more good when it is taken on an empty stomach; that way it goes directly to the cells and areas it is needed most, rather than be absorbed into the food while you eat. Drink also a glass before meals for maximum benefits. What it does is quench your thirst as it rejuvenates your skin and keeps it looking healthy. It also helps with bad breath too.


Water is one of the best medicines there is, and once we keep our bodies adequately filled, then it will help us to function better. Oh, a tip for when you are older-drinking water on an empty stomach every morning and before meals tremendously reduce belly fat (try it, and remember I told you so). Happy drinking!, only water and juices.


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