Wait,there is something better coming-Thought 4 Children

Grandma always visited Nahir on his birthday and she would always bring him toys and games he loved. Sometimes, if he was really lucky, she would even give him money. He always preferred the money because then he could go to the store and get exactly what he wanted. As soon as his birthday was a month away, he began counting down the days to the day she would arrive. His parents usually threw him a party, and they would invite clowns, and have a bounce-a-bout, water slides and magicians. He figured since he was going to be ten years old that he wanted a party more grown up, including older kids presents.


Finally his birthday came and he did get as he wished. There were no clowns and water slides, but he got to play with video games and go carts with his friends. Although he was having a great time, he kept looking out for his Grandma but he couldn’t see her anywhere. He asked his parents about it, and they decided to telephone her. Apparently there was a blizzard where she lived, and she couldn’t get to leave just yet. She was going to miss Nahir’s birthday. Nahir grew sad when he heard that. When the party was over, he was very tired, but he had enjoyed himself even though Grandma was not there.



best 2


Grandma did not get there until two weeks after. When she came, she hugged him and told him that she was very sorry she could not make it to his party, but she had really tried. She went inside her bag and pulled out a large box and gave it to Nahir. When he opened it, he saw a brand new video game that he had always wanted. He jumped around for a couple of seconds and hugged her. To top that, she went inside her purse and gave him $50. She told him that the games were not available on his birthday, so if she had come then, he would not have gotten it. He was now glad she hadn’t come then.



Do not despair if you do not receive something at the time you want it; if you wait, there is usually something better coming.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart




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