UFO or Unidentified Flying Object

UFO stands for unidentified flying object. You may have seen thriller movies where UFOs play a major role. UFOs are not only seen in the movies but rarely in real life too. It is surprising to hear that common man to whom it still remains a mystery has actually seen UFOs. There is always a doubt in the minds of people as to whether these are really extra terrestrials as casted in the movies. Though most of the UFOs identified in real life were found to be some kind of earthly objects like weather balloons, satellites or astronomical objects, still some could not be explained. UFO research continues even today in many parts of the world.


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There is an institute called SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) which keeps monitoring the skies, objects found in them and also searching for signals from far off planets. Till today none of the unexplained UFOs have been publicly declared as extraterrestrial in origin though there have been incidents reported where humans were abducted for examination by aliens. In spite of major advances made in space science, UFOs still remain a challenge to humans.




UFOs have been the subject of extensive investigation by various governments. A few scientists have supported the extraterrestrial hypothesis.  Almost no scientific papers about UFOs have been published in peer-reviewed journals. There was, in the past, some debate in the scientific community about whether any scientific investigation into UFO sightings is warranted. The general conclusion being that the phenomena was not worthy of serious investigation beyond a cultural artifact.




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