Uber cab service in news for a negative reason

Uber cab services is again in news. This time,  for the  ban in New Delhi, the capital city of India. The ban follows the alleged report of  rape of a  lady  passenger  by the taxi driver of the Uber cab service. New Delhi Government has black listed the service provider and banned  Uber cab services  from providing any kind of transportation service in the city. 
Uber Cab Service.

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Uber is a popular global cab service provider. It allows users to hail a taxi through the aid of a mobile phone application. The company was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garret Camp in March 2009 with headquarters in San Francisco. The service has now spread to 60 countries with presence in more than 275 cities. The company,  that was valued at around $ 19 billion 6 month back, is now being valued for a phenomenal $ 40 billion, based on the latest round of investments.   Drivers and commuters use a Smartphone application provided by the company to finalize rides. Customers use this application to request rides while drivers use the application to offer their service when they are available. The Uber application facilitates connection between passenger and driver.   The application can be down loaded from Google Play, Apple Application Store or Windows Phone store.  

Drivers with valid license and permits sign up with Uber. They provide training and  smart phones to the drivers. Drivers can choose trips when they are free. All the fare collection is computed through the smart phone. Passengers make payment through the applications. Thus the need of negotiation with the driver is eliminated. 

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For the users, the facility has been providing convenience. Uber has been successful in extending service at lower fees.  But  Uber has faced  objection since its inception  from taxi drivers, taxi companies and governmental bodies who believe these activities to be illegal. Uber has faced  legal actions  or bans in many countries like Australia, Belgium, Canada, India, Germany, Poland, Taiwan, South Korea, United Kingdom and United States.  The latest incident once again proves that technology can be used to connect people and offer convenience, but it can never control or predict human behavior. 




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