Try loving others to get response

A twelve-year-old girl took her younger brother, who suffered from a mental disability, Christmas shopping.

As they went into a department store, the boy accidentally bumped a display, knocking shoes in every direction.

A weary and frazzled clerk grabbed the boy by the arm and demanded, `Pick them up.`

`No,` the boy screamed in defiance.

`Pick them up,` the clerk shouted.

`No,` the boy shouted back.

His older sister began picking up shoes and the boy started to help.

Before long, the boy, his sister and the tired clerk were working together to put the shoes back in order.

When they finished, the girl taught the clerk a profound lesson with these words: `You have to love my brother into doing it.`


Let us all benefit from her advice. If we want people to respond, try loving them into action.



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