Trust God to rescue us- Think,Act & Win

There will be days of plenty,

As well as days when it seems,

As if there will never be enough food on the table.

But through all the good times and the bad times,

Give thanks to God for always providing,

Even when there is little to be grateful for,

And trust him, that even when the money is low,

And when friends may let you down,

And when there just seems as if there is no way out,

That he will be there,

All you have to do is ask,

And he will ride in to the rescue.

Trust God to do as he said he would do!


By  Kerry Ann Stewart


rescue 1



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No one is ever alone in any accomplishment.

Life is like a flowing river of opportunities…

Don’t be fooled by the calendar.

Real friends are as rare as black diamonds.

Branch out like a banyan tree.



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