Trust God, even in the darkest hour

It was close to the end of the month and Mother was not sure how she was going to get through it. All her money was gone, and she barely had enough food to eat. What made it worse was that her daughter had to go to school and she didn’t have any lunch money to send with her. Sometimes she would go without food just so that she could pack her a small lunch bag that she could take to school. That way she could not go hungry.

Every day Mother would pray that something would happen that would give her food on her table at all times. Sometimes the neighbours would be kind enough to offer her dinner or parcels of food, but that was not enough, even though she was very grateful. Ever since the drought she had not been able to pick grains in the field like she used to. She prayed every day for a miracle that would send money and food.

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By the end of the month, Mother still had not gotten any prayers answered, but she still prayed anyway. By this, Pat had to stop attending school for there was no lunch to take. Mother knew she couldn’t just sit and pray, but that she had to go searching for something. One day she took Pat and they both walked all the way to town, asking in every home and shop along the way for anyone who would need assistance with anything. When she got into town, she saw a shop window with a sign that read ‘help wanted’ so she eagerly went inside. She told the owner that she desperately needed a job. He took one look at her and told her she was hired. He told her that he had that sign there for many weeks, and he was going to take it down earlier that morning, but a voice had told him to hold on just a while longer.

Mother smiled at the shop owner and shook his hand, thanking him for the opportunity. She went home smiling  that day, grateful that she had never stopped praying and she never stopped trying.

Even in your darkest hour, trust God to always be there when you need him the most.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart

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Trust God, even in the darkest hour
Article Name
Trust God, even in the darkest hour
Even in your darkest hour, trust God to always be there when you need him the most.

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