Time: The best investment you can ever make.

You may not agree with me when I say that time spent is the best investment.


Have you ever thought that you are becoming old by every second?  Yes, it is a fact!!!!!  We are slaves of the time. Time cuts down all, great or small, rich or poor, leader or follower.



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Time enjoyed is time utilized.


You may be a kid, child, youth, middle aged or old person. But the above statements are true for each of us, irrespective of whether we realize it or not. Each of us has only 24 hours per day. Isn’t  the proverb, “time and tide wait for none”, true?


Periodical maintenance is required for all machines. When the batteries are down, we recharge it. Similar is the case of human life too. We need periodical rest and recuperation. Our efficiency can be improved only if we spend time to recharge our body and soul. The time we spend for enjoyment and prayers come under the category.  The time spend for these purposes after  hard work is never  a waste. It is an investment to utilize our future time more effectively. It is similar to a woodcutter sharpening his axe periodically.



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Human being is a social animal. We are members of a family, society and a country. Hence, we have to allocate time for related activities too. We have seen that time can never be purchased or stored. Hence the best investment we can make for others is by spending  time with them.


Is it possible to save time?


To achieve progress in our life,  we have to invest skills, resources and time. Skills can be learnt and resources can be mobilized by spending our earnings. Time can never be created or purchased. For  man,  time  is the most valuable thing. Learn to plan for each second and through planning we can save lot of our time. Proper planning is the only way to save time.


Never wait for a right time.



investment 3



Time we spend on working is the price we pay for our success. Time we spend on thinking is the source of our power. Time we spend on reading is the source of our knowledge. Time we spend on prayer is the time with enjoy with our creator. Time we spend on rest is the time for recharging our body. And the time we set apart for  our family and good friends is the world’s greatest treasure and the best investment.


Hence, we need not wait for an appropriate time to do good things. Time is always right to do what is right and good. Use every moment of our time judiciously.

                                                                                       By   TheCS



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