Tickle your tastebuds – Sweet Corn Salad

Often we wonder to make an easy dish that will be liked by everyone too? How about trying simple snacks this weekend, which is healthy too? Instead of having a plain sweet corn, try this very tasty and healthy recipe which has added nutritional benefits with lots of vegetables too… !  Try  this one!

Don't forget to seek the assistance of your parents….!!

                                                                Sweet Corn Salad1


1. Sweet corn Kernels- 2 Cups
2. Onions – 1 medium size
3. Cucumber- 1 medium size
4. Tomatoes- 1 – 2
5. Green Chilies 1-2 (optional)
6. Salt, Fresh Lemon juice and Black Pepper (ground)/ Chat Masala- For added flavor and taste
7. Butter – 1tbsp (optional)
8. Coriander/Mint- For Garnishing (optional)

Take 2 cups of sweet corn kernels and cook it on low flame or Microwave High for 6 minutes. Add the chopped onions, cucumber, chillies and tomato and toss it with the cooked corn kernels. Mix them well with salt, lemon juice and ground pepper/chat masala and serve hot for great taste.


                                                                    Sweet Corn Salad2


Group of Twenty or G20
The International Forest Day- 21 March


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