There are things more valuable than money-Thought 4 Children

Leon grew up with his parents in a poor village on the outside of the city. He did not  have as much as some of the other children did. As a matter of fact, he barely had anything; most of the times he did not  even have a proper pair of shoes to go to school. Every day that he got home, his Mother had to wash his uniform so that he would have something clean to wear the following day. Leon loved his parents because they always showed him love and hugged him every night. He was a happy child even though he did not have many things.



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Raj, however, grew up in the busy city with his parents who controlled the largest clothing store. Raj had everything he ever wanted: the best clothes, shoes, toys and books. All the children envied Raj for his things and wished that they could have the same. They felt that he must be very happy. Raj had everything that he ever wanted, except the attention of his parents. One day when he left school, he decided that he would walk around the city before he went home; there was nothing to do at home and no one there. He came upon a little boy sitting by the river throwing rocks in the water. He had clothes that were torn and he had on no shoes. Raj felt this strange because this was not something he was used to. He asked the little boy his name and he told him Leon.






Raj asked him why he had no shoes on and he told him he only had a pair that he wore to school. He smiled at him all the while and Raj wondered what could possibly make him happy. Soon Leon got up to go home and Raj asked if he could go with him. He followed him to a little village Raj did not even know existed. When Leon got there he was greeted by everyone including his parents with hugs and smiles-another thing Raj wasn’t used to. Leon introduced him to his parents and invited him for dinner. The place had this warmth that made Raj wonder how persons with so little could feel this happy.



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He became friends with Leon, and he would meet him by the river every day, because what he found with him, no amount of money could ever buy.


Having money does not  make you better than anyone, nor can it buy you everything. There are far more valuable and fulfilling things in life that money cannot buy. Learn the things that will add to your character over your pocket.

By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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