Things you discard may be valuable for others.

Kelly had many pretty things at her home that she would often take for granted. Her parents were shop owners and so they could afford to buy her most of the things that she needed. But Kelly did not always appreciate it. Some of the times her parents would find just pieces of her dolls and doll houses scattered all over the place because they would often trip over them. They would tell her all the time to take care of her things because she would not always have them to play with.



discard 1


Kelly would ignore them, and she would play with her toys for a short period of time and then as soon as she was bored with them, she would tear the legs out, and toss the heads into the garbage, or scatter them all over the house. One day her parents decided that they would give away all her broken toys to the children’s home down the street. They told Kelly that they wanted her to come along and watch as they donated not just her toys, but some others they had bought as well.



She did not want to go and didn’t see the point in it at all, but she was forced to go and so she sadly went with them. When they got to the home, her parents took the big box out of the car and brought it inside. Her Father spoke with the woman in charge and soon they were going to see the children who they were going to give the toys to. As soon as they opened the box, the children started clapping because they were happy for all the new toys they were getting. Kelly saw one little girl reach out and take a Barbie doll she had tossed out that only had one arm, and a little boy had a ball that had lost all the air. They were so excited and happy they became very noisy.


discard 2


Soon they all had to leave so they could quiet down, but they all told them how pleased they were. As they left, Kelly saw the little girl hugging the doll to her like she was the best toy she ever got. She went home that day and searched for all the missing pieces and assembled the toys like they should be.


Never take anything for granted; the thing you discard may be the most valuable thing for another. 


By  Kerry Ann Stewart, the complete site for children.

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Trust God, even in the darkest hour.

Every journey has to have a goal in sight.

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