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Jaden loved the spotlight and having everyone shout his name whenever he performed at school, whether it is in athletics or in academics. Some of the other children did not like the way he would seem to be boasting all the time, especially the ones who were not as good as he was. He did not like doing anything with anyone else because then he would have to share the victory, so he avoided that at all times.



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In preparation for sports day, the teachers decided that they would not give Jaden anything to do that he would have to do alone, so they made him a part of the relay and the tug-of-war teams. They realised the kind of person he was and they wanted him to learn to work on a team. When Jaden saw the sheet after it was posted, he was very angry. On sports day, he sulked the entire time. He was supposed to run the third leg on the relay team which made it all the worse; he would have preferred being on the last leg. When the race started he was still pouting, but when he was handed the baton, he ran very quickly to hand it over. As it turned out, his team won, and even though he did not do it alone, he still felt very happy. He figured that it wasn’t so bad after all. When it came time for the tug-of-war, it required five boys on each team, and his team pulled with all their might until the other team fell into the mud and they won again. Jaden jumped around with joy that he was a winner again.


He began to learn then, that even though he did not win by himself, it still felt good to win anyway.



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You are only one person. There are things that you can excel at as an individual. But some things are best done on a team.


By  Kerry Ann Stewart



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