The Choice Is Mine…

As I walk along the sidewalk, I cannot help but notice the annuals starting to pop up through the ground, and think to myself how this flower is actually a metaphor for life in general.


A seed of a flower can sit on a shelf in a hardware store or a local five and dime and lay in it`s pouch for years… sitting in a package without any life in it, alone with many of his seed friends waiting for that right opportunity to show it`s potential. When that seed gets planted in the ground, a metamorphosis takes place. This tiny little seed pushes through what seems like tons and tons of dirt to break through the ground to grow.


It is the same thing with people… We can be like that seed in the store; always sitting around while our potential lays inside, lifeless, waiting to show our potential, but does not for some reason or another. We need to reject passivity and aggressively attack negative thoughts with positive faith filled thoughts. We need to grow on a daily basis, just like that beautiful flower. We need to water ourselves with love and compassion for others and sun ourselves with finding good in everything.


Like that beautiful flower that continues to grow every year, we as people have that ability as well. It is our choice. I choose to be planted and grow every day… To nourish myself with fresh thoughts about the day I am in, and look forward to improving myself daily. I will plant myself in humility, I will water myself with success, I will sun myself in gratitude…


You too can plant yourself and grow to your potential or you can sit in the pouch with all the rest of your seed friends on a shelf in the store…The choice is yours…


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